Students from Integrated Technologies 1/2 and 3/4 had the very rare opportunity to tour a New Transformer Station near Ararat, this station has been built to accommodate the new Wind Farm 20km away and has the capacity to supply 125,000 homes. The station was to be ‘switched on’ later in the week meaning that prior to going ‘live’ we were afforded much greater access to the facility.
The transformer station is now home to Australia’s largest transformer, weighing 130 tonnes in transit and 230 tonnes now with the oil coolant and at a cost of $3 million just to purchase the transformer. The tour also included the comprehensive on-site control room, the low voltage yard (450V, 3 Phase) and interesting details about the high voltage yard (220,000V) & various connections to the grid. This transformer station and associated Wind Farm is expected to augment the Victorian Power Grid for the next 25 years.